Crimson Elite Productions

The Story Continues...

Reinventing the Love and Appreciation of History ~ Stay Tuned for All Things Medieval - Renaissance -Baroque & Rococo! Decadence in Art, Music and Prose Shall Abound!

Founded in 2006

CRIMSON ELITE PRODUCTIONS is devoted to the representation, promotion and success of its truly dark artistes, and to serve as a reminder of all things Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo.


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Gotham Grindhouse™

Crimson Elite Productions present Gotham Grindhouse ~ events with lots of Sleaze Punk, Revival Rock and a little touch of Satan! Add a few bizarre and entertaining acts and some original mixology specials at the bar and you've got an extravaganza of SIN. 

Carnival Macabre

Gothik Grindhouse

Touch of Satan


February 2015
April 2015
July 2014
September 2014
Gotham Grindhouse™ hosted in various venues in the East Side, the West Side and Brooklyn! Tammany Hall, Leftfield Bar, Trash Bar, Lit Lounge and Le Delancey - And in 2017 in The City of Lost Angels where GG will make its debut.

The event showcases Rock Cabaret movement sweeping the East & West - once you’ve seen a performance in any of its manifestations, the theatrical experience will rattle ‘round your psyche for some time. 

These unique total-environment music events are scheduled with themes that range from Hammer'd Horror ~ to Carnival Macabre ~ to Gothik Grindhouse ~ to A Touch of Satan.

As the bands and artists become part of the crowd, they in turn become part of the whole sinful performance!

(Booking Info: [email protected])
Danse dE Sade
Pendulum Swing
February 10th, 2017 ~ The Viper Room/Sunset Strip
Featuring Countesss dE Sade & Katarina Noire